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  This domain models an electricity distribution network where the only available sensor detects whether power has reached the bulb switch or not: see picture. Also, switch s3 is unreliable.

(define (domain supplyrestoration)
  (:types device line)
      cb s1 s2 s3 s4 s5 s6 - device
      l12 l56 - line)
       (closed ?d - device)
       (faulty ?l - line))
       (switch_position) - (range 1 3))
  (:action open_device
   :parameters (?d - device)
   :precondition (closed ?d)
   :effect       (not (closed ?d)))

  (:action set_switch
   :parameters (?pos - (range 1 3))
   :precondition  (not (= ?pos (switch_position)))
   :effect        (assign (switch_position) ?pos))

  (:action close_device
   :parameters (?d - device)
   :precondition (not (closed ?d))
   :effect (and
             (when (and
                     (not (= ?d cb))
                     (not (= ?d s3)))
                   (closed ?d))
             (when (and
                     (= ?d cb)
                     (not (and (closed s1) (faulty l12)))
                     (not (and (closed s5) (faulty l56))))
                   (closed ?d))
             (when (= ?d s3)
                   (unknown (closed ?d)))
             (when (and
                     (closed cb)
                       (and (= ?d s1) (faulty l12))
                       (and (= ?d s5) (faulty l56))))
                   (not (closed cb)))))

  (:observation power_reaches_switch - boolean
     :parameters ()
     (iff (= power_reaches_switch 1)
                  (and (closed cb)
                       (closed s1)
                       (closed s2))
                  (and (closed cb)
                       (closed s3)
                       (closed s4))
                  (and (closed cb)
                       (closed s5)
                       (closed s6))))
The following problem describes a situation where one of l12 , l56 is faulty, and we intend to  light the bulb.

(define (problem supply_pb)
        (:domain supply_restoration)
 (:init  (= (switch_position) 1)
                (oneof (faulty l12) (faulty l56)))
                  (and (closed cb)
                       (closed s1)
                       (not (faulty l12))
                       (closed s2)
                       (= (switch_position) 1))
                  (and (closed cb)
                       (closed s3)
                       (closed s4)
                       (= (switch_position) 2))
                  (and (closed cb)
                       (closed s5)
                       (not (faulty l56))
                       (closed s6)
                       (= (switch_position) 3)))))

To solve the problem, run
MBP-solve -plan_output - <domain> <problem>
where <domain> and <problem> are the domain and problem above.